Hair Extension Trifecta Bundle

Includes: 3 of our Products 

4 pack of Barracuda Comb Clips

1 Extra Long Amplify 257B Carbon Tail Comb is a Metal tail comb. 10″ long.

4 pack of Classic Clips


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Product Details

Includes everything you need to deliver the best results for the perfect hair extension application

4 pack of Barracuda Comb Clips

1 Extra Long Amplify 257B Carbon Tail Comb is a Metal tail comb. 10" long.

4 pack of Classic Clips


Our Professional Hair Sectioning Clips NEVER leave marks or dents. They’re perfect for sectioning hair before highlighting, dry cutting or up styling. Each pack includes four clips to help you create a wide range of looks.

  • Revolutionary in Patented clip that features a comb in top overlay so you can work much cleaner in specific areas of the head much more than ever before
  • Better Accuracy and cleaner sections in areas of the head like the nape area & parietal ridge (all short hair)
  • Hard Parts (Men’s grooming) Feature sharp clean lines shaved into side parting of the head, separating the sides and the top of the hair.. The Barracuda comb clip is the perfect clip to separate the hard part to create exceptional clean lines and give you a guide using the back of the clip
  • Hair Extension installation – Barracuda comb clip provides a clean and tight separation of hair Because of its common feature and allows the perfect platform to perform the installation of strand by strand fusion, tape in , hand tied, or any extension installation
  • Color Blocking – Design technique that gives you the ability to create clean separation of color
  • Balayage clip – The perfect clip to perform Balayage on fine hair. You can use clip comb to tease hair and lay over the top part of the clip & close down for secure hold & A perfect palate to color or balayage
  • Corrosion-free and nonslip
  • High tension reinforced stainless steel spring coil
Comfortable matte coating
Slick look and feel to inspire your work

Speed and efficiency for balayage and precision sectioning


4 clips come in 1 pack. Packaged in a velvet drawstring bag.

The Ultimate Multipurpose Hair Sectioning Clip

Multipurpose Carbon Hair sectioning clips used on wet or dry hair. Corrosion free. The perfect size, shape & feel. A firm textured handle that you can use without worrying about your fingers slipping (thanks to soft rubber overlay & textured grip) and are made with a sturdy stainless steel spring that opens wide enough for small sections of hair. The rubber overlay coating grips your strands without pulling, and they won’t leave a crimp in your hair. They measure 4.2 inches long for the perfect size

  • Created by the stylist for the stylist. Barracuda Clips were designed with extreme attention to detail. With over 30 years in the industry as a salon owner, GOLDWELL National Artist, & working stylist. Rob Burgio felt the need to create the ultimate hair sectioning clips to inspire & maximize functionality

Barracuda classic clip

  • Corrosion Free, non-slip
  • textured grip on both sides of hinge
  • comfortable matte soft touch rubber coating for non slip
  • Heat resistant
  • Shape & design- perfect slim size clip used for precision sectioning
  • High tension stainless steel corrosion free spring coil for tighter grip/ reinforced hinge allows for better grip & tension
  • Made with high quality carbon
  • Professional slick look & feel to inspire

Extra Long Amplify 257B Carbon Tail Comb

stainless steel tail comb
10″ long.

A Carbon Comb is completely anti-static, so it does not tangle the hair. The teeth are incredibly smooth so they easily move through the hair. The Carbon combs are heat resistant, can be sterilized by boiling and also used with a dryer. The 257B comb is a tail comb which can used for any type of sectioning. The 257B has a longer metal tail!

The Amplify Carbon combs represent next generation in Comb technology and combines a Special Resin & Carbon Fiber. The result is :

  • Superior heat resistance to regular carbon combs 365 F, 180C.
  • Anti-Static, Lightweight & Comfortable.
  • Chemical resistance to Acid , Alkali & Oil.

Additional information

Weight7 oz

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