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Sectioning Clips That Amp Up Precision

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For Stylists and Artists Who

  • are hungry for inspiration
  • love high end must have tools for stylists
  • want hair sectioning clips
  • want to onnect in a world that is disconnected – find common ground with like minding people in the beauty industry
  • have energy and excitement
  • want more education
  • love haircutting tutorials
  • want the latest trends related knowledge for the industry


Stylists trained by Rob


Rob is excellent at breaking down each movement & making the cut easy to understand. I love his patience & willingness to repeat steps & dissect & customize for each client

– Jamie

I loved how you helped us customize the haircuts to our style and Memphis atmosphere.You were very personable and easy to connect with as well as learn from

– Samantha

Loved the simplicity! Especially for the A.D.D stylist 😊 He got the point across without dragging he never lost our attention

– John

I really enjoyed it! Perfect amount of knowledge & hands on cutting. Never got bored or disinterested!

– Caitlin

Loved this class, it was fun, upbeat, and super helpful. Rob was a great educator. I loved that while teaching his cut he was very open and clear that we could change the cut if needed for our client. There was no pressure to do exactly as him, which is nice. He was awesome!

– Chelsea

Rob was excellent! Definitely worth coming in on a day off to learn & grow

– Jennifer

This was my 2nd time taking a class with Rob, this class was just as great as the other! New fresh looks & ideas! Hairstyles that are wearable & that I can easily utilize. Rob’s the best!

– Lisa

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